VOIP Will Save you Money!

And it will add features the phone Company does not offer

Average price is $35.00 per line. 

You can take big advantage of Caller ID even if your Business Telephone System doesn't support it. Now you can track all your calls, incoming and outgoing, daily, weekly or monthly.

Are you supplying additional lines to make sure business is not lost?

 Callers never get a busy signal with VOIP. With an existing system connected to copper lines [ local phone company ] , you are limited to the number of lines in operation. If a new call comes in and all the lines are busy, your call gets lost.

You can view our VOIP Site by clicking on the link.

  • Preventing abuse of your lines and keeping cost under control is a primary concern in doing business today. VOIP can show instant activity on your lines.
    • Callers can wait in que to talk to you if you are busy on the other line. After a determined time they can leave a message if you don't answer.
    • Your calls waiting will display on your phone with caller ID information.
    • Auto-Attendant is part of the system. Your caller is sent to a greeting prompting them to enter digits to reach a specific department.
    • Messages can be retrieved at your phone, by calling in from another location, by email to your account, or within your website administration panel!
    • Phones are installed on your existing network- no additional wiring is needed!
    • No contracts to sign. Because the confidence level and quality is so high, you won't be pressured into signing a 1, 2, or 3 year contract... How about month to month?
    • If you want to review both incoming and outgoing calls, this can be done online. A telephone number of a caller or called party can be looked up in seconds.
  • If a number is called too often, it may be abuse of your paid time. This can easily be checked.
  • You can also retrieve your voicemail messages online. Just log into your accout and hit the message, then play!
  • How about making your number ring in three places at the same time. Or redirecting where your number rings. Done in 1 minute. [ you do have to log in ]
  • Did that call across the country affect your presentation...thinking about cost? Unlimited calling in the US and Canada comes with VOIP. There are unlimited international calling packages too!

 You can view our VOIP Site by clicking on the link.